The Rimstones Rock Club is a fun and friendly club. We welcome members and visitors alike! The Club was formed here in Central Arizona in 1992 as a way to share the joys of rock hounding.

The purpose of the Payson Rimstones Rock Club is to:
– Develop interests in, and appreciation of, the beauty and value of the land in which we live;
– Disseminate information on the study and appreciation of rocks, gems, minerals and fossils to benefit the members and community;
– Share information in the techniques of collecting, cutting, polishing, and displaying specimens; and
– Encourage students to pursue college degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)-related fields by awarding scholarships to deserving students.

In 1997 we started the Annual Gem & Mineral Show at the Payson Junior High School. This annual show is currently held at the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino Event Center. Our show is the highlight of the year, as well as the Club’s main fundraiser. Most of the proceeds from each show are used to fund scholarships which are awarded to students who plan to pursue STEM careers through higher education.

Education has always been a top priority for the Payson Rimstones, right up there with rock hounding! Members and visitors alike benefit from the Club’s vast amount of knowledge and interest. Our resident educators, geologists, paleontologists and highly experienced rock hounds are very willing to share what they know!

Each month we get a couple of phone calls or email contacts from people all over the State of Arizona and around the country. In fact, the website is currently our top source of new club members.

We do hope you will find time to join us in one of our monthly meetings or field trips… or plan to come to this year’s Annual Gem & Mineral Show September 20th – 22nd and say, “Hi.” We would love to meet you!

Meet the Club Board Members and Chairs

The Payson Rimstones Rock Club is fortunate to have folks who are passionate about the beauty and value of the land in which we live. They dedicate their time and resources to ensure the Club is successful in achieving its mission and the community reaps the benefits.

The management of the Payson Rimstones Rock Club is the responsibility of the Board, which is composed of the Elected Officers, the Immediate Past President, and four appointed members. The Board is complemented by dedicated Club Chairs and Directors who provide essential assistance to ensure the Club’s success. Hover over or click a picture below to meet the 2024 Board members and Chairs:

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