Born and raised in Arizona, I spent half my life in central Arizona on the Mogollon Rim. My family moved down into Metro Phoenix when I was 12 and we lived in Gilbert, Arizona. I always traveled back and forth to the Rim country and met my wife there in 2012. We were married there in Whispering Pines in 2015. I am a skilled baker of breads, and though I do not pursue music anymore with my old band, wearesearchers. We released a six song EP in 2018 you can find online. The album is called “The old country”. The songs are traditional, and you may have heard them before. I still write music and plan on releasing a solo album in the coming years. In 2018 my wife and I moved back to Whispering Pines just north of Payson and enjoy our peaceful times there in the cabin along the river.

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