Education for All

Education -- It's Just Who We Are

The Payson Rimstones Rock Club engages in a wide variety of educational activities. It would be fair to conclude that education is our second passion, right after rock hounding! 

Learn Something New

Geologist Barry JonesAs described on our Meetings page, we tap the rich experience of club members and friends of the club to provide monthly presentations and demonstrations that are of benefit to the members and visitors.

Our members are very generous with their time and expertise as well when members and visitors have questions about their own collections. Whenever there is an opportunity members submit photos and information about rocks they have known and loved, sharing with children and other adults alike what they have learned.

On our Learn Something New page you can find an excellent presentation by Geologist Barry Jones as well as a regular newsletter and website column by educator and rock expert Lynne Wheeler.

Inspiring and Informing the Young

Children are welcome at monthly meetings. As with the adults, the kids are encouraged to bring in favorite stones and describe them during the sharing activity. Our youngest participating member joined with her family when she was 6 1/2 years old. She especially enjoys the Club field trips, where many of the adults take the time to patiently educate her about the rocks she has found and help her to dig (and carry) the extra heavy ones.

Kids Corner at the Annual Rimstones Rock Club Gem & Mineral Show
Kids Area Jewelry Prep

Each year at the gem and mineral show the Rimstones Rock Club sets aside a room filled with rock-related activities for kids. Preparations begin months ahead. Club members have fun sorting through donated rocks and shells to make jewelry and other prizes for the children who stream through the Kids Corner throughout the event.

Kid's Show Spinning Wheel

One very popular activity in the Kids Corner is the spinning wheel. With each spin a young visitor is able to choose from a stone or piece of jewelry on a color patch that corresponds with their landing color on the wheel. Club volunteers are generous with their time in constructing and staffing the Kids Corner.

Geologist Answers Fossil Question

At the 2019 show a professional geologist made herself available to answer questions such as the varied locations where fossils are found.

Photos on this page thanks to Rimstones Rock Club member, Ed Vos.

Library display and photo thanks to member, Lynne Wheeler