The Rimstones Rock Club began offering cabbing classes to its members in 2023. The cabbing workshops teach Club members how to safely use lapidary equipment to make cabochons. To date, many Club members have participated in the training and have enjoyed learning a new skill. If you are interested, please read the Cabbing Information Sheet which provides more detail on what to expect during the workshops.

Club member, Barbara Harrison, is currently the workshop instructor. She patiently works with each student to develop their skillset and ensure they have a good time. Learning something new can be fun, and from the looks on everyone’s faces, that is certainly the case!

Education has always been a top priority for the Payson Rimstones. Members benefit from the Club’s vast amount of knowledge and interest. Barbara has been very willing to share what she knows with the Club!

Club members pay a nominal fee to cover the consumables and wear-and-tear on the lapidary equipment.

We do hope you will find time to join one of the workshops and see how much fun learning can be! For questions, current class dates, or to get on the waiting list, please TEXT Barbara at (951) 532-3749.

Recent Cabbing Class Photos

Club Member Cabochons