Junior Diamond Rockhounds Club

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* * * Jr Diamond Rockhounds Program Directors * * * Carol & Brannon Barr . . .

Jr Diamond Rockhounds Club Program

Some very excited students at Julia Randall Elementary (JRE) have wrapped up the 2023 – 2024 program in rock hounding. The Jr Diamond Rockhounds Club is an after-school activity sponsored by the Payson Rimstones Rock Club. The size of the club is limited to 25 students and meets twice a month during the school year.

The Jr Diamond Rockhounds programs were developed by the Jr Diamond Rockhounds Directors, Carol and Brannon Barr. The programs are designed to provide a basic understanding of rocks, as well as, promote student self-worth and respect. In addition, there are requirements integrated into the programs to encourage good behavior, sharing and engaging in show-and-tell.

The programs cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Types of Rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic),
  • Rock Safety,
  • Uses for Rocks, and
  • Collecting Requirements

The programs are supplemented with the use of videos and projects such as rock-related games and building activities. The students are provided specimens of small polished rocks, agates, calcite, fluorite, petrified wood, crystals, obsidian, small slabs, and fluorescent minerals. These specimens are used to teach the specifics about that rock and provide a tangible gift the student can keep.

The Jr Diamond Rockhounds appreciate all donations and to show their appreciation, the students write thank you notes for the donations they receive.

The Program Directors will let the Rimstones know of any club needs. Currently, the club would like:

  • Small formed crystals
  • Malachite, even in small bead form
  • Small flashlights
  • 12-oz clear berry containers

Again, we thank all of our Rimstones Club members for your help with donations.

Old Fossils

In previous years, we have introduced Fossils to the students and when asked, “What is a fossil?” one young man answered, “Oh, I know. My grandpa, because that’s what my grandma calls him.” Living by the Rim, as you all know, we are blessed with a large number of fossils so the students are excited to go find them. The program Directors wish to thank Lynne Wheeler and the Zimmermanns for the fossils they continue to donate to the program.

The Pebble Buck Store continues to support the students. If any club members have extra stone jewelry please donate it to the store, since these kids really enjoy buying for their special families.

AgateOne of the student programs is, “What makes color in stones?” We are asking all of our Rimstones Club members to donate small polished BRIGHT COLORED stones for this project. Get those tumblers out and get them tumbling for our kids! We are thanking you in advance.”

Petrified Wood

Our students are really excited about going out with their family and friends to find new rock specimens for their collections.

Petrified wood has been one of our programs and we wish to thank the Gillespies, the Bagshaws and Lynne Wheeler for their donations of different woods for this program.

The students say THANK YOU to you all.

The following note is from one of our students…

Dear Rimstone Rock Club members:

I want to thank you for making me look so good to my brothers and sisters. You gave us different colors of petrified wood and I asked them to tell me how many colors petrified wood came in, and they said only two. I was really proud to show them five different colors that you had given us.

Thanks again.

Photos on this page thanks to Rimstones Rock Club members