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Stories from Carol and Brannon Barr, JRE Program Directors

Carol Barr

2021-2022 School Year

Twenty-one (21) very excited students at Julia Randall Elementary (JRE) have signed up for the after-school program in rock hounding. They have been introduced to, as they call it, “the big word rocks,” igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Thanks to several club members we gave out wonderful specimens. Remember, these kids are our future club.

In January, one of our students said, “I want you to tell your big people club how much I love every one of them for all the stones they donate. Though they don’t know me I sure want them to know that I’m sending a Great Big Hug and Thanks to them.” All of you are most appreciated by our students. Keep up the good work.

We will let you know monthly of our needs. Currently, we are needing small formed crystals, as well as malachite, even in small bead form. Small flashlights are also needed. In addition, we can use the 12-oz clear berry containers.

Again, we thank all of our Club members for your help with donations.

A Grandparent Responds

I wish to relate this story from a grandparent in 2020. “You have saved our family. My grandson informed me he was not going to school ever again!! I am raising my grandchildren and he is a real challenge. I asked him why he hated school and his response rather surprised me. ‘Well,’ he stated, ‘none of them listen to you and they give you all the same old stuff.’ I made an appointment with his teacher and spoke with her. She suggested I speak with a Mrs. J. about joining him in the after school rockhounding program. I did just that and, would you believe it, he is now loving school and we as a family go rock-hounding every weekend. All I can say is, ‘Thank you for saving our family.’ “

Old Fossils

In year’s past, we have introduced Fossils to the students and when asked, “What is a fossil?” one young man answered, “Oh, I know. My grandpa, because that’s what my grandma calls him.” In this area, as you all know, we are blessed with a large number of fossils so the students are excited to go find them. I wish to thank Lynne Wheeler and the Zimmerman’s for the fossils they continue to donate to the program.

The Pebble Buck Store is busy with purchases by the students. If any club members have extra stone jewelry please donate it to the store, since these kids really enjoy buying for their special families.

AgateOne of the student programs is, “What makes color in stones?” We are asking all of our PRRC members to donate small polished BRIGHT COLORED stones for this project. Get those tumblers out and get them tumbling for our kids! We are thanking you in advance.”

Meteorites and Petrified Wood

Summer is coming and our students are really excited about going out with their family and friends to find new rock specimens for their collections.

We are trying to plan a program on meteorites and cost is prohibitive so we would like the Club members to collect anything that is relatively close to a meteorite. One of our students shared the following information. “I know about meteorites because my uncle is sorta crazy and Gramps says he was hit in the head by a meteor that fell out of the sky, so you got to be careful!” We thought his advice was rather informative so we send it on to you.

Petrified wood has been one of our programs and we wish to thank the Gillespies, the Bagshaws and Lynne Wheeler for their donations of different woods for this program.

The students send a special THANK YOU to all of you.


The following note is from one of our students.

Dear Rimstone Rock Club members:

I want to thank you for making me look so good to my brothers and sisters. You gave us different colors of petrified wood and I asked them to tell me how many colors petrified wood came in, and they said only two. I was really proud to show them five different colors that you had given us.

Thanks again.

Photos on this page thanks to Rimstones Rock Club members Ed Vos and Sarianne Rittenhouse