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Rimstones Field Trips -- Presentation by Rollo Pool and Bill Freese

Arizona Reptiles -- Presentation by Bryan Hughes

Payson Area Geology -- Presentation by Pete Dohms

Wire Wrapping -- Presentation by Linda Marsh

Linda Marsh's Wire Wrapping Presentation

Negative Crystals -- Presentation by Dick Zimmermann

Joy of Fluorescents -- Presentation by Mardy Zimmermann

Mineral Specimen Photos courtesy of Stan Celestian

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore -- Presentation by Pete Dohms

Rock Hounding Upper Peninsula Michigan by Pete Dohms

Roadcut Geology -- Presentation by Becky & Larry Bagshaw

Roadcut Geology by Larry & Becky Bagshaw

Gila County Geology -- Presentation by Barry Jones

Tonto Natural Bridge Pine Creek Reflections by Barry Jones

Rocky Topics

Triassic Park – Snowflake, AZ

In 2023, many Rimstones Club members visited fellow Club member Jim Lang’s “Triassic Park” near Snowflake, AZ. A technical paper on the site has been recently published.

Although the technical paper may be difficult to read/understand, the abstract does state the significance of this site:

A new locality in the Holbrook Member of the Moenkopi Formation (Anisian) of northeastern Arizona appears to be the most extensive Middle Triassic tetrapod tracksite in North America.

The paper has excellent photography, charts, and diagrams, so push on, Dear Rimstones, until you reach them. Here is the link:

Triassic Park Technical Paper 2024

We want to thank Jim for sharing this world-class discovery with our Club – as well as this paper. He also has donated three blocks of dinoprints – for educational purposes. Awesome! We plan to continue visiting his site.

Chirotherium monument in Hildburghausen, Germany, showing the pre-dinosaur that left footprints near Snowflake, AZ. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Rockhounding Resources

Club members are always ready to share their favorite resources, such as rockhounding guides to Arizona and its neighboring states. Here are just a few from Club member Lynne Wheeler:

For an Arizona Rockhounding Location Guide and Map…
Rockhound Resource

Looking for Events in our Neighboring State of New Mexico…
New Mexico Tourism Department

Exploring Round Mountain south of Safford AZ…
Round Mountain Rockhound Area

…and the Black Hills Rockhounding Area, also south of Safford AZ…
Black Hills Rockhounding Area

Searching around Saddle Mountain west of Phoenix AZ…
Saddle Mountain Fire Agate

Adventure abounds in State 48!

Timely Tips

Club member Lynne Wheeler has always been a great source for tips when it comes to collecting, cleaning and storing your precious finds. You can repurpose many household items, such as:

Plastic water jugs (to store rocks); food containers (best if they are clear); desiccants (to help preserve humid-sensitive rocks like halides/halites); egg cartons, bubble wrap, and cotton stuffing from pill bottles (to protect fragile items you find in the field); small boxes; plastic bags; and more. So before you dispose of your garbage, take one last look and make sure you can’t use it on your next field trip.

Dendritic Patterns

Dendrites 3Smudges do not count! Dendritic patterns must show a clear fern or tree-like pattern.

For more information on dendrites and much, much more, Club member Lynne Wheeler highly recommends:

Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals
by Patti Polk

Lynne has found this to be an excellent resource for all rockhounds, especially in Arizona.

Sonoranite — The World’s Newest Gemstone

Sonoranite Photo by Lynne WheelerWhile in Tucson several years ago, Club members Lynne Wheeler and Peggy Randall had a fascinating conversation with the folks at Sonoranite.

It was discovered in early 2019 and is only found and mined in the Sonoran Desert. Its unique mix of metals and matrix material create an interesting gemstone. You can see from the photo that Lynne took and from the gorgeous jewelry shown on the Sonoranite Facebook page, this Arizona desert gemstone is an incredible find!

Photos on this page thanks to Rimstones Rock Club members