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Barry Jones Presentation - Gila County Geology

Prepared by: Barry Jones, AZ State Park Volunteer, Retired AZ State Park Ranger and CA State Park Manager

Fact checked by: Larry Bagshaw, Retired Petroleum Geologist, M.S. Geology Brigham Young University

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Note: p.1 — Geological Time with Major Evolutionary Events in the Fossil Record  Courtesy of William L. Kruczynski and Pamela J. Fletcher, from Dinosaur Discoveries

Topic -- Dendrites & Sonoranite

Dendritic Patterns

Dendrites 3Smudges do not count! Dendritic patterns must show a clear fern or tree like pattern.

For more information on dendrites and much, much more, Lynne Wheeler highly recommends:

Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals
by Patti Polk

Lynne has found this to be an excellent resource for all rockhounds, especially in Arizona.

Sonoranite — The World’s Newest Gemstone

Sonoranite Photo by Lynne WheelerWhile in Tucson last week members Lynne Wheeler and Peggy Randall had a fascinating conversation with the folks at https://sonoranite.com

You can see from the photo that Lynne took and from the gorgeous jewelry shown on the Sonoranite website, this Arizona desert gemstone is an incredible find!

Photos on this page thanks to Rimstones Rock Club members Lynne Wheeler and Barry Jones.