Our Privacy Policy

We Take Your Privacy -- and Our Own -- Very Seriously!

Contact Forms

It’s true, the Rimstones Rock Club members are characters! We also have in common the fact that we are of good character. We will not share your private information unless you request a reply, and then we will only share privately with our membership on your behalf. Membership and scholarship information is only shared with the Board members who are tasked with doing something helpful with what you send to us. We promise to take due care with anything you post in one of our contact forms.

Membership and Payment Information

The membership form on our website right now is a PDF document that you can print out and mail in with your payment. We have created a form that can be filled in and sent back online, but we have not posted it yet because we are researching the most secure way to pass your information to our Membership chairman from our website. 

Similarly, when we finally make it possible to submit payments for membership and other items you might want, we will set it up with a reputable, secure payment gateway so we do not store (or see) any of your financial data on our website or computers.

Photos on this page thanks to Rimstones Rock Club members