Upcoming Field Trips & Events

Upcoming Field Trips!

Please note: Club events including field trips, meetings, service activities, and our annual holiday party will be listed on the monthly Calendar page!

Unless otherwise noted, the group generally meets around 8 AM in the Basha’s parking lot in Payson, near Taco Bell. Here is a current listing of this month’s proposed Club field trips:

Please be thinking of places you would like to visit and share them with the Club. 

Mid-Month Excursion Updates

If changes to the current month’s schedule changes, they will be listed here.

Other Opportunities this Month

The Rimstones coordinate additional field trips with other Clubs. Those field trip opportunities will be identified here.

Please email us at field_trips@rimstonesrockclub.org or call (928) 595-2059 if you want to join one of the trips.

Enjoying Lunch on a Field Trip

Field Trip Spotlight

Forest Lakes AZ

The Coconino Sandstone is a geologic formation that spreads across the Colorado Plateau. It is prominently seen in the Grand Canyon – it’s the buff layers near the top of the canyon walls as you look out across the great divide. Near Payson, some of the sandstone has formed into bumpy “plates” that look like a conglomeration of musket balls. It is hard to say what exactly caused the sandstone to take this shape; only Mother Nature (and a good geologist) knows.

Photos on this page thanks to Rimstones Rock Club members