Upcoming Field Trips & Events

Upcoming Field Trips!

Please note: Club events including field trips, meetings, service activities, and our annual holiday party will be listed on the monthly Calendar page!

Meeting locations vary from Payson to a spot nearer the picking location. Below is current information about this month’s proposed Club field trips plus a tantalizing preview of locations in the works for 2024!





5/4/24Dobell RanchPetrified Wood
5/9/24Parks, AZObsidian
5/15/24Mormon Lake (Uranium) ClaimsFossils, Agates and maybe Pyrite, Azurite, Chrysocolla
5/25/24Forest LakesSandstone
6/12/24Club Picnic (site to TBD)TBD
TBARay MineMine Tour and Waste Pile Picking
TBAWinslowRock Art Ranch
TBAPaleo SiteFossils
TBABlue Bird MineFluorite, Barite
TBAYoung RoadBlack Jade, Fossils, Agates
TBAFR 29A, PaysonTrace Fossils, Banded Agates, Lava Tubes
TBARim RoadPurple Chert, Geodes, Agates, Fossils
TBASnowflakeTriassic Park
TBAChilito MineChrysocolla
Multiple TripsDobell RanchPetrified Wood
TBAScottsdaleLGF Musuem
TBAPurple Passion MineFluorescent Rocks
Multiple TripsHeber, Holbrook, Joseph CityPetrified Wood, Jasper
TBAChristopher MtnZebra Chert, Fossils
TBAPayson AreaFormer Gold/Silver Mines
TBASierra VistaFluorite
TBAWhispering PinesGeodes, Fossils
TBASt. JohnsCalcite, Petrified Wood
TBASan Carlos ReservationPeridot

Please be thinking of places you would like to visit and share them with the Club. 

Please email us at field_trips@rimstonesrockclub.org or call (928) 595-2059 if you want to join one of the trips.

Enjoying Lunch on a Field Trip

Field Trip Spotlight

Mormon Lake Claims

I visited this location to check the road condition. The lower 1/3-mile is okay for any vehicles. Along here you will find multi-colored agates, and fossils like brachiopods, bryozoans, burrows, and mollusks. Some have reported finding sharks’ teeth. However, the terrain is hilly and in some places steep. For those with high-clearance and heavier-duty tires (or can catch a ride with one of us), we will travel several more miles to an abandoned pit where I have found a few pieces of chrysocolla, azurite and fossil-bearing sandstones. But the real treat here is an exposed limestone-coal layer where fossils are preserved as high-contrast carbonized imprints (mostly plants from my experience). Some of these fossils you will not find at other Rim locations. Reports from other rock- and fossil-hounds cite insect fossils, shark coprolite (aka poo) and a lone soft-shell crab, as well.

Contact Rollo at club@rimstonesrockclub.com

Photos on this page thanks to Rimstones Rock Club members