Upcoming Field Trips & Events

Upcoming Field Trips!

Unless otherwise noted, the group meets at 7:15 AM in the Basha’s parking lot in Payson, near Taco Bell.

Red Agate PolishedIf there are at least 6 people interested in going on April 4th on a trip to Red Hill for agates, the Mayers have agreed to lead us then.

Please email us at [email protected] or call (928) 363-8170 if you want to join one of the trips.

Fun at a Social Distance

Fun at a Social Distance

Think About Places You Would Like to Visit

Kemmerer Trip - Big Fish

Larry says: “March 12-15th is the Deming Rockhound Roundup and the Cottonwood show. The weekend of the 21th is the Timpanogas show in Utah. I don’t yet know whether my son will need my help up there, but it is also the weekend of the Anthem and Albuquerque, N.M. shows. The weekend of the 28th I thought, although I have to finalize the arrangement, might be good for seeing Bev Darby’s sphere making shop in Prescott and maybe check out the Perkinsville agate locality.

If people would be interested, we can also make trips to see some of our other dealers’ shops, and there are several places in the Valley that we could check out. Another idea is to check out some of our member’s places and ogle their rocks.

April and May are a blank so far, except that we need to remember Memorial Day.

For June, I have reserved the 20th weekend for the RMFMS convention and Wyoming Gem and Mineral show in Big Piney, Wyoming and another trip to the Kemmerer fish beds. The weekend of the 27th is one of my long-awaited bucket list trips to Madras, Oregon. for “thunder egg days.” Becky and I might just travel from Wyoming to Oregon during the week and rock hound.

I’ll try to have a list of some possible field trips so that you can express your preferences. Please be thinking of places that you would like to visit.”

Photos on this page thanks to Rimstones Rock Club members Shain Mayer, Ed Vos and Becky & Larry Bagshaw.